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Zekogram is a consulting agency specialising in Inclusive Marketing. Our work is currently focused on incorporating value-added braille (Zekos) into consumer product packaging.



To grow steadily within the strategic and operational inclusive marketing consultancy market, focusing our resources on the incorporation of value-added braille (Zekos), together with the necessary technological elements, into consumer product packaging.


In reference to inclusion, and with regard to the reality of the market economy, we aspire to leading a movement to align the principles of social return with the basic elements of business return to achieve the greatest diffusion and optimisation of the shared value inherent in the confluence of these two dimensions.


Our values represent our collective identity. We are different because everyone who works at Zekogram believes in a single, differentiating project. We are effective because we believe in meticulous, transparent work. We seek to innovate with a strong sense of customer service and a constant drive to fulfil expectations in terms of both social and economic return.




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The new Zekogram catalogue is now available.

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